LBL Installations: 2019

Antarctica Starts Here
Space 2531 – Silver Lake
January 6 – February 3, 2019

Artist Statement – Antarctica Starts Here

My installation titled “Antarctica Starts Here” represents my desire to create a unique art experience for people. I have discovered how limited the gallery experience is for the audience, and how important it is for art to overcome this limitation. It is important for me as an artist to present my work in a space that is not a traditional gallery setting. I believe that my best artwork can be experience in any setting and even improved by the unique experience of an unconventional space. “Antarctica Starts Here” is my first step towards this direction. The experience is unlike anything I have done before, yet at the same time feels very familiar.

The idea of nature and technology mixing together is a fascination of mine, and I played with this idea throughout my installation “Antarctica Starts Here”. The title itself, is reference to a William Gibson novel, which I reduced to the idea of escape. The idea of escape is particular encourage within The Hut, where my artwork hangs. I invite visitors to The Hut, as guests, and hope the audience finds the environment comforting.

The importance of keeping my hand the principle tool during the process of creating this installation was paramount. How the art works are hung and move freely within the space is important to the experience. Each visitor is encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Meditating, sitting, removing your shoes, or finding a position of comfort is ideal. I do request that you limit your phone use to minimal or nothing, to give your mind a chance to “play”. And to share this experience with your neighbor. You are not alone, “Antarctica Starts Here”.

December 2018