Installations: 2018-19


catacomb – A Floor Video Installation – 2019
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There is no future. The future is our own interpretation of events foreign to us but has occurred before, in another time.  I believe time is a series of events occurring in a circular pattern. My floor video installation “catacomb” speaks to this idea as well as mortality with our digital lives. Our digital lives can live on without us, but what will be saved when we are gone? “Catacomb” provides the audience an opportunity to view my video short “eyes”, playing on three digital tablets, within an artwork I created for the gallery floor. By intentionally having the viewer look down at my work, I desire to break the traditional viewing habit of watching video like a television or movie screen. There is an odd and wonderful experience of looking down at something which fascinates me.


April 2019


Table of Contents


“Table of Contents” is a video installation. This installation is built on the idea of audience participation. Members of the audience are encouraged to sit on one of the cushions and watch videos created by the artist. The table top view consists of five (5) electronic devices for the audience to watch. A small cell phone and Android tablet play video and audio of the video shorts “Room” and “3 Towels”. Two (2) other Android tablets play a third untitled video, which is muted for the installation. At the center of “Table of Contents”, is a digital picture frame that contains a digital picture slide show. This slide show is built from stock images of the video footage the artist used in creating “Room” and “3 Towels”. All devices are powered up from two (2) black power strips, which are plugged into a longer yellow power strip. Cushions are placed around the video installation. The audience is allowed to record video or take pictures using the devices, but must know, that all content recorded, will be used by the artist in future projects.

Record at your own risk!


July 2018

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