Artist Statement

Process defines all my artwork. I believe in consistency of practice. The idea of doing something over and over again creates a beautiful repetition of style. This style I define in my artwork. To produce this work, I use various construction materials and apply traditional, as well as experimental, art making techniques.

My artwork evolves and changes directions constantly. What never changes is how an idea awakes me, and then suffocates me, until I understand how to manifest this idea into an art experience. Within this experience, themes of movement, color, and surface exist. The materials I use are various, yet all of the materials relate to an experience I remember. I believe any material can submit to the desire of the artist, if the artist is willing to allow the unexpected to occur.

The video and audio work I create is a service to experimenting with storytelling. I enjoy the risks I take with my video art. By allowing myself to take risks, I am less conservative in my approach. My videos represent a process: various edits selected at specific events. My audio work is built upon my love of electronic music. Intuition plays a massive role in how I shape my video and audio work.

September 2018

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