Rolf Anthony Young – Artist

Artist lives & works in Charleston, South Carolina

Artist Statement

I believe that making an artwork is a devotion of the mind, spirit and soul of the artist. Each of these entities must work together to create a cohesive work. I love to experiment with equipment, techniques, and materials within my artwork. Through these experiments, I have developed a narrative that speaks to the finished and unfinished surface of the painting while introducing three-dimensional elements to provoke a unique way of viewing the 2D picture plane. This fascinates me as an artist. I express this narrative throughout all my artwork, in the collages I make and the digital media I create. I often decode my experiences in life into abstract works of art. After living and working in Los Angeles, California, I became aware of how important my environment is to my work. The abandon industrial spaces that litter LA where a source of immediate inspiration. Living now in Charleston, South Carolina, I focus my energy on how the complexity of Southern history is documented and preserved while modern infrastructure transforms the South. The narrative of contemporary life in the South is a strange mix of colonial and modern tastes sharing the same space. There is something wonderfully bizarre about this that I want to investigate in my artwork. The work of Basquiat, John Baldessari, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Joan Mitchell, Nam June Paik, Mark Bradford, David Hammons and Shepard Fairey have all been an influence on me as an artist. I believe any material can submit to the desire of the artist, if the artist is willing to allow the unexpected to occur. The future is unknown, and it is what I do in the present moment that satisfies my goals as an artist.

A Bit About the Artist

Rolf Anthony Young is a mixed media artist living on James Island, in Charleston, South Carolina. Rolf is an artist that uses different mediums to express all his creative energy that finds outlets in collage, digital media, paintings, and fashion. Rolf believes in not limiting his artistic practice and searches for answers within his artwork through experimentation with equipment, techniques, and materials. For Rolf, making an artwork is a devotion of the mind, spirit, and soul of the artist. Born in Vienna, Austria, as a young child Rolf lived in London, New York City, Connecticut, and South Carolina. Rolf spent his formative years in Reston, Virginia where he attended South Lakes High School. After graduating from South Lakes, Rolf studied fine arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and earned a BFA in Sculpture & Extended Media; a 2001 graduate. After hiking 150 miles of the Appalachian Trial, Rolf moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2002. Rolf used his art skills to build a professional career as a graphic designer and drafter. It was not until 2016, while living in Los Angeles, California that his passion for art making was reborn. After four years in LA, Rolf moved back to Charleston in 2019, and currently is invested in making art, designing apparel, and pursuing his career as a technical drawing analyst.

Rolf has exhibited in Northern and Southern California; Raleigh, North Carolina and the Lowcountry of South Carolina. His artwork is featured in publications such as APERO, Artistonish, Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine, Xanadu Gallery’s Art Catalogue, and his fundraiser, “Live from Mom’s Garage”, was promoted in the Charleston City Paper. Rolf is the recipient of an Emerging Artist Grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission, for the year 2023, and in 2019, Rolf was awarded an artist scholarship from the Los Angeles Art Association. In 2023, Rolf was accepted into the Artist Entrepreneur Incubator, a 6-week workshop hosted by the South Carolina Arts Commission. During December of 2018, Rolf was artist-in-residence at Space 2531 in Silver Lake, California and in May 2023, Rolf will be attending the South Porch Artist Residency in Summerville, South Carolina. Rolf loves to share his passion for making art through his workshop called “You Can’t F#ck This Up” where he teaches his approach to creating abstract art for anyone interested.

Rolf is the founder of ROLF, an Art & Apparel E-Shop, with headquarters located on James Island, South Carolina. Discovering a lack of resources for professional artists in the local Charleston market, Rolf founded ROLF Artist Consulting (RAC). Taking his 20 years of experience in corporate America, plus his 10 years’ experience as a professional artist, RAC is a professional consulting firm for artists. Rolf built RAC to help artists prioritize their professional goals, so they can generate more income, spent more time in the studio, or take a day off!

Accolades & Awards

Emerging Artist Grant, South Carolina Arts Commission: 2023
Artist Entrepreneur Incubator, 6 Week Workshop, South Carolina Arts Commission
Honorable Mention, James Island Arts & Cultural Center Juried Exhibition

Artist Scholarship, Los Angeles Art Association: 2019


ROLF, Art & Apparel E-Shop, James Island, SC: 2023
ROLF Artist Consulting (RAC), A Consulting Firm for Artists, James Island, SC


Never know until you try, Private Collector, Charleston, SC: 2022
marriage, ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA: 2019


You Got This! Private Collectors, Park Circle, North Charleston, SC: 2023


Engineering Design Course Work, Trident Technical Collage: 2013
BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University: 2001

Professional Organizations

Member, North Charleston Artist Guild: 2023
Member, South Carolina Arts Directory

Member, Los Angeles Art Association: 2018-19


Charleston City Paper, Volume 26, Issue 21: 2022
Xanadu Gallery’s Art Catalogue, September / October
Circle Quarterly Art Review, Issue 8, Summer
Artistonish, Contemporary Art Magazine, May Issue

Artistonish, Contemporary Art Magazine, December Issue: 2021
APERO, Fine Art Publication, Honorable Mention, July Issue, Open Theme

APERO, Fine Art Publication, August Issue, “Grow”: 2018

Public Speaking

Open Mic Night, Blum, Charleston, SC: 2023
Open Mic Night, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
Guest Artist Speaker, North Charleston Artist Guild, Charleston, SC

Conversations with the Artists, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA: 2019
Artist Talk, Antarctica Starts Here, Space 2531, Los Angeles, CA

Conversations with the Artists, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA: 2018
Artists Talks, LoW BiT LoGiC Mixed Media, Art Landing Gallery & Gifts, Inglewood, CA


South Porch Artist Residency, Summerville, South Carolina: 2023
December Artist Residency at the Balinesian Hut, Space 2531, Silver Lake, California: 2018


Workshop Instructor, Creating an Abstract Work of Art, Park Circle Gallery, North Charleston, SC: 2023
CADD Instructor, Los Angeles ORT College, Los Angeles, CA: 2016-18
Computer Drafting Instructor, ITT Technical Institute, North Charleston, SC and Los Angeles, CA: 2014-16

The ROLF Booth

Latin Pride Bash, Wind & Waves Brewing, North Charleston, SC: 2023
Because I F#cking Can…, ROLF Booth Pop-up, James Island, SC
Don’t Forget Mom!, ROLF Booth Pop-up, James Island, SC
Arty Block Party, North Charleston Arts Fest, North Charleston, SC
North Charleston Artist Guild Pop-up, Game Night Charleston, North Charleston, SC



Look at the Mess We Made…, South Porch Artist Residency, Summerville, SC
Piccolo GAP Show, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
North Charleston Arts Fest, Charleston Area Convention Center, North Charleston, SC
Earth Day 2023: Eco-Optimism, Charleston Climate Coalition, Romney Urban Garden, Charleston, SC
JIACC Juried Exhibition, James Island Arts & Cultural Center, James Island, SC


Live From Mom’s Garage, Instagram Live Fundraiser, James Island, SC
20th Annual Redux Auction, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
2022 Spark Exhibition, East Gallery Community Exhibition, Public Works Art Center, Summerville, SC
Abstract Expressions, A Virtual Exhibit, Red Bluff Art Gallery, Red Bluff, CA
FREEDOM, Solo Exhibition, 311 Gallery & Studios, Raleigh, NC
2022 small works – BIG TALENT, Online Group Exhibition, Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
Perceive You, Online Exhibition, Curated by Kristine Schomaker, Shoebox Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Light & Shade, Online Group Exhibition, Las Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
ELEMENTS, Online Exhibition, Art Fluent, Boston, MA
In the Abstract, A SCORE Virtual Exhibition, Juried by Robert Burridge, Encino, CA
Rebellion – 2021, Virtual Group Exhibition, Exhibizone, Toronto, Canada


New School Abstract, ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA
VS, Collaboration Exhibition, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
LAAA’s 2019 Annual Benefit Auction, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Out There, Juried by Cliff Benjamin, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Lot 613, Los Angeles, CA
Multiple Feeds, Film & Video Exhibition, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Antarctica Starts Here, LBL Installation,Space 2531, Los Angeles, CA


LAAA’s 2018 Open Show, Juried by Cynthia Corbett, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
LoW BiT LoGiC: rise above, Perimeter Gallery, Art Share LA, Los Angeles, CA
Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Catch One, Los Angeles, CA
LAAA’s 2018 Annual Benefit Auction, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Multiple Feeds, Film & Video Exhibition, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
Love in The Times Of…, Group Show, Art Landing Gallery & Gifts, Inglewood, CA


Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Lot 613, Los Angeles, CA
His-Panic Visual Arts Exhibition, Group Show, Art Landing Gallery & Gifts, Inglewood, CA
Chocolate & Art Show, The Vortex, Los Angeles, CA
Brewery + Art Festival, Brewyard Beer Company, Glendale, CA


Believe in your dreams!

Don’t be scared to share your dreams with friends or family. Just be aware support might not follow. Follow your dreams and believe in what your gut tells you. Use this in guidance when making decisions. Will my decisions support my dreams or not? Your dreams will take hard work and perseverance. Detours will happen but always believe that a longer journey will make for a better reward. Days will come when you will want to give up. DON’T. So many people do and so many dreams get lost. Believe that the hard will get smooth and frustration will build better ideas. Take each day as an opportunity to create greatness and belief in making your dreams come true. Remember that failure is a teacher you can learn from, and remember NOT to be so hard on yourself when you make mistakes. Life is hard enough. Take care of yourself, your dreams, and always….DREAM BIG!

My Thoughts on Art

Define your Art by the commitment of daily studio practice.
Art is emotional, yet allow structure to remain.
Remove expectations from your Art, to allow your work to stand on it’s own.
Reduction is an Art of resisting complexity.
Share your Art with the community you live in.
Art is a vocation for most and a profession for a very lucky few.
It is easy to get lost in making, but remember the motives that provoked you to create.
A critique by peers, helps artists remove the clutter that might be obstructing their objectives.
Instead of competing for space, create your own space.
Don’t forget to sketch your ideas out to build a solid foundation.
Drawing is fundamental.
Invest in the best quality art supplies you can afford.
Find your tribe.
Take risks.
Document everything!
Don’t underestimate the power of a Thank You card.

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